Who can apply to the JSA Internship Program?

  • 4th and 5th year students of 5-year law programme and 2nd and 3rd year students of 3-year law programme.
  • Students who have appeared in their final year of law examination and waiting for their results.
  • Students of LL.M. programme
  • International students studying in an overseas law school.

How can I apply?

If you feel you meet the criteria for the Internship Programme then you can apply online from the application page .

Please note email / phone / mail applications will not be accommodated.

Will I receive transportation and accommodation?

No. Interns must arrange and pay for their own transportation and accommodation. They would, however, be paid a nominal bonus as per the firm’s policy from time to time.

What if I’m an International student?

JSA looks to offer Internships to students of all backgrounds, including students pursuing degrees outside of India. If you are an international student and not an Indian citizen presently pursuing a law degree outside of India, or if you are an Indian citizen presently pursuing a law degree outside of India, please apply here.

Is there a dress code for interns?

Yes. We expect the Interns at JSA to be well groomed.

Following is the dress code:

  • Female Interns:  Semi-Formal western attire (Pants and collared shirts) or semi-formal Indian (salvar kameez).
  • Male Interns: smart trousers and office shirts; smart jackets and ties in winter. Earrings, long hair and stubbles are not permitted.
  • Jeans and other casual clothing, sneakers and sport shoes are only allowed on Saturdays and other holidays. Casual clothes must always be clean, tidy and modest and not torn or dirty.  Shorts and very casual dresses are not allowed on any day.
  • No loud colours or large prints please.

What rules and guidelines must Interns comply with during their Internship at JSA?

JSA has a Code of Conduct that Interns are required to follow during their Internship at JSA. Interns will receive a copy of JSA’s Code of Conduct at the start of their Internship